cp2fwbuilder, or Checkpoint Firewall 1 to FwBuilder. This tools help you to migrate an existing Checkpoint Firewall 1 Installation and its Rulesets to Linux with iptables or *BSD based Firewall. This is done by converting the Rulebase- and the Objects- Database from Checkpoint to the FirewallBuilder XML Format.

Remember though, that this program is under development and could eventually do nasty things when doing the translation. especially with things like Userauthentication or Clientauthentication which are not supported under fwbuilder.


	[--all_objs] [--all_services]
	[--verbose] [--version] [--comments]
cp2fwbuilder --objects=objects.C --rules=rulebase.W --output_xml=rulebase.xml
fwbuilder -f rulebase.xml


07 april
Released version 0.6. Download at the ususal place
The main changes are: Correct handling of whitespaces and quotes in objectnames

05 march
Released version 0.3. Download at the ususal place
The main changes are: New Onject type Router, verifying "install on" Target

03 march
Released version 0.2. Download at the ususal place
The main changes are: generation of hashed ids for objects

27 feb
Released version 0.1. Check the download page


cp2fwbuilder is created and maintained by Stefan Majer
Feel free to contact me regarding suggestions, bugs, improvements etc.

This program is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License in the hope that it will be useful, but without any warranty.

This webpage is Copyrighted 2002 to Stefan Majer